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I'm not sure why, but for some reason my account got removed (probably due to inactivity or something), but I've recreated an account on in order to start testing some new integration features with XBF.  You can view my profile by going to

If your a user of XboxFriends for the Desktop, be sure to take advantage of this site as some of its features will be coming to a desktop near you in the near future.

There's these guys who have created a site called 360VOICE.COM.  It's an interesting idea where they (as an active Xbox Community Developer) utilizes some of the information that the Xbox team allows access to and (every night) builds a comment regarding your gameplay habits.  The statistics are pretty basic, but they've done a nice job spicing up the comments.  To top it off, they presentation is done in a way that it looks like your Xbox 360 has a mind of it's own and blogs daily about your gameplay (or lack there of).

You can view my 360 here.

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This blog will be utilized as my outlet for Xbox gaming related topics.

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