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  • v0.0.0.25 Released and Email Working Again

    I've released v0.0.0.25 with some minor (or major depending on your point of view) changes:

    1. Hopefully corrects the State 6 and 8 error boxes showing up when signs you out.
    2. Yet more hit & miss modifications for the international users. (UPDATE: This issue appears to be resolved!)

    ... and to all those who've been waiting for their email confirmation for account creation... you've probably received it now. ;-)  If not, just request a password reset and it'll be sent to ya.

    Posted Jun 27 2006, 02:44 PM by DualBrain with no comments
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  • v0.0.0.24 Released

    I've just made available.  It includes:

    • Better support for international users (hopefully, if not, let me know what the result(s) are).
    • New pop-up information display showing a basic gamercard for the gamertag currently being hovered over.
    • Modified the bubble notification text to make it more clear (as suggested in the forums).
    • You can now click on the gamertags and it will open your default browser taking you to that gamertag on (you may be prompted to sign into at this point).

    As usual, continue letting me know what you think.

    Posted Jun 26 2006, 02:31 AM by DualBrain with no comments
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  • Email Currently Down

    I'm working with the web host provider trying to get email issues resolved.
  • v0.0.0.23 Released

    Overhauled the "banner" area to include a trimmed version of the gamercard of the person currently signed in.

    (Note: Image is reduced in size.)

    Posted Jun 24 2006, 07:18 AM by DualBrain with no comments
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  • v0.0.0.22 Released

    Guys, keep the reports coming in... ;-)

    I've made available since it correct at least to major issues regarding usability.

    • No longer using the "dummy" window for the taskbar icon.  This gets rid of the empty XboxFriends window; thus no longer seeing an extra window in ALT+TAB.
    • Modified the automatic task to retrieve the friends list to not start until you attempt to sign in; correcting an error that would be displayed.
    • Added "ping" support; more on this as the feature progresses.
    • Added support for "Pending friends request" to be seperated out as a seperate entry in the list.
    • Now supports various states (Online, Offline, Pending, Away, etc.) and shows icons according to that status.
    • Corrected the aspect ratios of the images in the list.
    • Even more work in the "tracking" component getting it a little closer to something useful; hopefully sometime next week depending on schedule.
    Posted Jun 23 2006, 11:15 PM by DualBrain with no comments
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  • v0.0.0.21 Released

    Kicked ClickOnce to the curb.  Now handling application updates internally and utilizing a standard MSI installation package for initial distribution.

    • Checks for new version at startup.  If found asks if you'd like to apply the update.
    • Checks for new version periodically while running.  If found, a notice is displayed in the main UI letting you know an update is available... click on it to start the upgrade process.
    • Modified the messages to only notify you if you have "unread" messages.
    • Additional Windows Live (Passport) integration to improve overall stability.  Should no longer see the random Process: 8 message.


  • v0.0.0.19 Released

    Corrects sign-in issues...  This version should be a lot more robust in handling Windows Live ID changes.
    Posted Jun 20 2006, 02:53 PM by DualBrain with no comments
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  • v0.0.0.17 Released

    MasterSKY reported an issue regarding incompatible date formats and I've taken a moment to try to resolve these.

    I'm still working through optimizing the syncronization portion, but it's at a point where there shouldn't be any issues interfering with other areas of the app.  If there are any problems, please let me know.

    Note: You might be wondering what the syncronization portion is.  This is part one of what I'm working on so that you'll be able to put your "groups" list on your "groups" website.  In other words, if you have a Halo 2 clan (or any other competitive clan), you'll be able to show the current status (within reason) of your members directly on your site.  If your interested in such a feature, please give a shout out in the forums stating so.  Of course, I'm always open to any other ideas as well.

  • A whole lotta changes goin' on!

    As you can see, a new site is coming; as is a new version of XboxFriends for the Desktop.  Current version as of this writing is v0.0.0.16 and the improvements just keep coming.  Stay tuned for more information. 

    Until then, feel free to download XboxFriends for the Desktop.  Keep in mind that it is still a beta release and if you encounter any issues, please be sure to visit this site for any details.

    Note: For those running versions prior to v0.0.0.16, please go to Add or Remove Programs and uninstall that version and then install the latest release.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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