v0.0.0.29 Released

Wow, I don't even know where to start for new features made available in this release...

Performance... Performance... Performance!!!

I'm working hard to remove any sort of "hickup" feeling where the application seems to "lock-up" momentarily while it's doing some process.  I've also corrected a couple of potential performance issues; especially regarding slower or congested connections.

Visuals... Visuals... Visuals!!!

I suppose I could start with what you will notice from the very beginning.  The login screen is now "complete".  You can now utilize the various checkboxes on the screen to have the application remember your email, password and automatically sign in upon launch.  The drop down now works and you can enter multiple accounts (if you are one of the insane individuals like myself who have more than one Xbox Live account).  The login screen has also gotten a little face-lift.  I'm still playing with this, so if you have suggestions, please feel free to speak your mind in the forums.  Also, the version number is now shown in the bottom right hand portion of the login screen.

So what's next on the list?  Well, how about modifying the colors of just about every element on the screen to suite your fancy?  Don't have time to shift through every color looking for something that fits you?  Well, I've included a few "themes" and BManTYA has worked up a couple for you as well (included).

To access this option, just go to the Tools/Options screen and select the Theme tab.  Speaking of Tools/Options... you can now utilize the registration tab and shared information tab as well.  (I still have a lot of work to do on the "games" tab, so ignore that one for now.)  I've also enabled two options on the advanced tab.  Warning, these still need thorough testing. ;-)  (To access the menu... use the ALT key... I'm still working on this feature, so bear with me.)

This one is a minor feature, but several people have mentioned that they would like a certain feature only to discover that it was already included.  Essentially, the mouse cursor wasn't presenting you with the fact that you could click on the gamertags and messages (email, upgrade) to activate the option.  I've modified the cursor to refect that it's clickable (similar to a web-page).

Along with the features I've mentioned, I've also taken some time to clean up some of the drawing of the gamercards, fixed a bug that would reset the window to center screen on upgrades (will take effect after this version) and a few other behind the scenes fixes here and there.

As usual, please remember this is a beta version, so if you encounter any issues... help out your fellow users by reporting the issues in the forums.

Published Jul 06 2006, 09:56 PM by DualBrain
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