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  • v0.0.0.45 Released

    A minor update that improves the overall "performance" of the gamercard display by caching some of the information.  It also fixes the right mouse not hiding the display (yes, you can right click on the gamercard to hide it). 


  • v0.0.0.44 Released

    .44 calibre and loaded!  No, it's not a Desert Eagle, it's the new release of XboxFriends for the Desktop.  An initial version of the long awaited and highly anticipated "history" feature is back!  In order to accomidate this new information, the automatic "tooltip" style gamercard is now a thing of the past.  When you click on any gamertag, a new (attached) window will be displayed containing the gamercard information, gameplay history, gamer score history graph, profile check (and link).

    Yes, I still have more work to do in this area, but I'm sure you'll enjoy what's there now.  And no, this version does not include the shared history feature; that's coming soon as well.  So if you want to build a history of your friends... you need to keep XBF running.

    As always, I'm eager to hear feedback... so start posting in the forums with enhancement ideas, tweaks, complaints and what not.


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  • New Site Features

    In an effort to continue building the XboxFriends community, the community site has made a few improvements.  Among these is the new Tagging feature that allows you to attach tags to forum posts.  You can see this on the home page (and in the forums) under the Tagged section located in the right hand column.  You can now score points by participating in the various activities on the website such as rating and commenting on news, posting blog entries (for those that have blogs), creating/responding/rating of forum posts, etc.  The more you participate, the more you score.  Not only does this grant you bragging rights and shows other users that you are active in this community, I should let you know that some interesting things (possibly prizes) will be coming in the future.  So, to help help you out in having something to discuss, there are several new forums categories created so you can discuss topics other than and XboxFriends for the Desktop.  So what are you waiting for?
  • v0.0.0.42 Released

    It's the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything...

    OK, maybe not, but version .42 is now available with a few minor changes (for those of you already able to run it) and a major one for those in the universe that use date formats different from the USA.  Thanks to MR BAD GUY UK for working with me via IM to track down and identify the issue and thanks to his assistance, this version should now resolve the issue where it stops at the "Retrieve Friends List" text upon trying to sign in.

    This release also includes a few other minor fixes.


  • v0.0.0.37 Released

    At the top of the list of new features include:

    • Add and Remove friends directly inside of XBF.
    • Send Xbox Live messages directly inside of XBF.
    • Full "ping" support.  Now you can see who else on your friends list is using XBF.
    • Improved main menu.

    Additional features and changes include:

    • Status bar checked state now initializing correctly.
    • Alt "hotkey" now acts as a menu toggle.
    • Progress bar added to the login process.
    • Added the <provider> tag to HTTP Notifications to hold the gamertag that is providing the information.
    • Initial push of *all* selected friends in the HTTP Notifications feature upon sign in (including those who are initally offline).
    • Removal of message banner upon clicking to browse to for your message reading.
    • Added About so you can see the version without having to sign out.
    • Added a check for upgrade menu item.
    • Even more work toward "keeping alive"...


    Note: For those that got v0.0.0.36, please do not try to use add/remove friends.  Be sure to update to v0.0.0.37.

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  • v0.0.0.34 Released

    A few modifications, but enough that I think it's worthy of a release.

    • Added "audible notifications". (Accessible on the "advanced" tab.)
    • Further reduction of error messages.
    • Modified settings window to work "offline".
    • Fixed issue with IE 7.


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