v0.0.0.44 Released

.44 calibre and loaded!  No, it's not a Desert Eagle, it's the new release of XboxFriends for the Desktop.  An initial version of the long awaited and highly anticipated "history" feature is back!  In order to accomidate this new information, the automatic "tooltip" style gamercard is now a thing of the past.  When you click on any gamertag, a new (attached) window will be displayed containing the gamercard information, gameplay history, gamer score history graph, profile check (and link).

Yes, I still have more work to do in this area, but I'm sure you'll enjoy what's there now.  And no, this version does not include the shared history feature; that's coming soon as well.  So if you want to build a history of your friends... you need to keep XBF running.

As always, I'm eager to hear feedback... so start posting in the forums with enhancement ideas, tweaks, complaints and what not.


Published Aug 13 2006, 01:56 PM by DualBrain
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