gamerscore tracking

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  • 07-18-2006 11:56 AM

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    gamerscore tracking

    i dont know if this would be something anyone else would be interested in, but i was recently trying to extract my gamerscore information (games, achievements, date achieved, and pictures to go along with them) and im not advanced enough to be able to sign in with my passport and extract the data that way, through vb, so i was wondering if you could put something in this that it would show your gamerscore over time? maybe just a simple graph and then the option to export it to something so that people like me could look at indivdual games over time, when i did the most, things like that, just for kicks.



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  • 07-18-2006 8:42 PM In reply to

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    Re: gamerscore tracking

    Check out this site for your gamerscore tracking:

    There are some other cool APIs available at:

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    Re: gamerscore tracking

    Because its something I'm actively working on (and will probably make it in the next release), I figured you guys wouldn't mind me teasing you with one of the major changes I'm working on... (note, the bottom portion is going to take a bit longer... but the gamerscore graph is finished - since it is pulled from  Here is an early screen shot of the new Gamercard that will be coming soon to a desktop near you. ;-)


    And yes... I am looking at my own gamertag. ;-)
    Cory Smith aka DualBrain - .NET Developer Blog

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