Xoom and Motorola in the IPAD 2

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    Xoom and Motorola in the IPAD 2

    In the past 12 months, the computer has been full of IT on store shelves in the world, Tablet PC latest hip technology. One of the newest immigrants are Motorola Xoom, Tablet PC, directly against Apple in the leading position in the market iPad 2 competition.

    Many of capabilities, Motorola Xoom has a very fast processor 1GHz, a 10-inch display, both 3G and Wi-Fi/wireless network connection, or a simple choice. Motorola Xoom 450-pound price range during the crisis about it than ipad2, an important consideration more affordable.

    Motorola Xoom won the attention and praise from the international community for the first time, ultimately on the consumer electronics show, earlier this year, it is actually won the CNET technology prize ' product of the year. It undertook to redefine offers a unique function and application of global challenges have been successful iPad Tablet concept of the company.

    As with all of the Tablet PC, it is why you get so that you can work, have fun, browse for the network, communications, mobile, without the need to carry on 5 different devices to play music and movies. With other Tablet PC, it has higher screen resolution (1280x800), HDMI output for HD, the camera and the camera's features, this film also high resolution (1280x720) video support.

    However, if the Xoom is actually different from other tablets is that it is also a barometer, and a compass, it contains an accelerator/proximity sensor and light sensor. On top of this, it can host Andr OID of the feature, and all Google applications and components, will be capable of downloading files requires Adobe Flash Player such as newspapers and magazines. Therefore, you can even use it to read news, on the road or have your coffee in the morning. Perhaps, the most important of all the other advantages of the Tablet is its ability to play 1 0 hours of continuous video, browse the Internet or WiFi is 9-10 hours, 3G and play music 2 weeks without interruption.

    The Xoom ipad2 and Motorola in a recent CNET review of the facts who gave the latter a great iPad competitors, mainly due to its speed and ability to download 3D graphics.

    However, Apple still does not know idle when competition increased, with advanced typical revenge is expected soon. In addition, long-term Apple customer improvements designed to provide more battery life, more memory and higher resolution.

    Tablet PC war is increasingly fierce, but the real winner, in the end of the day, can only be a customer.
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