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  • v0.0.0.60 Released

    I've uploaded v.60 to handle the changes that occured this morning. If you notice any problems, please let me know in the forums. (Also, this update includes a slight speed improvement during startup for the HTTP Notifications that uses the recently added tags.)
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 06-26-2007
  • v0.0.0.58 Released

    A few new additions and enhancements. When hovering over the notification icon, you can now see how many people are online and actively playing. The HTTP Notification feature has added a few more tags that can be utilized.
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 05-16-2007
  • v0.0.0.57 Released

    This version works on Windows Vista (x64). There are a couple of things you'll need to make sure of though: After installing XBF, browse to the (default install folder, modify accordingly) C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder. In here you'll see the XboxFriends folder. Right click on...
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 05-15-2007
  • v0.0.0.45 Released

    A minor update that improves the overall "performance" of the gamercard display by caching some of the information. It also fixes the right mouse not hiding the display (yes, you can right click on the gamercard to hide it). Enjoy!
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 08-15-2006
  • v0.0.0.44 Released

    .44 calibre and loaded! No, it's not a Desert Eagle , it's the new release of XboxFriends for the Desktop. An initial version of the long awaited and highly anticipated "history" feature is back! In order to accomidate this new information, the automatic "tooltip" style gamercard...
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 08-13-2006
  • v0.0.0.42 Released

    It's the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything... OK, maybe not, but version .42 is now available with a few minor changes (for those of you already able to run it) and a major one for those in the universe that use date formats different from the USA. Thanks to MR BAD GUY UK...
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 08-11-2006
  • v0.0.0.37 Released

    At the top of the list of new features include: Add and Remove friends directly inside of XBF. Send Xbox Live messages directly inside of XBF. Full "ping" support. Now you can see who else on your friends list is using XBF. Improved main menu. Additional features and changes include: Status bar checked...
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 08-10-2006
  • v0.0.0.34 Released

    A few modifications, but enough that I think it's worthy of a release. Added "audible notifications". (Accessible on the "advanced" tab.) Further reduction of error messages. Modified settings window to work "offline". Fixed issue with IE 7.
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 08-06-2006
  • v0.0.0.32 Released

    This is another one of those releases where I have to start of by saying "I don't even know where to start". ;-) Completely rebuilt the gathering of information process to handle adding even more sources of information as time progresses. Reduced some of the "error" dialogs from being displayed. Improved...
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 07-27-2006
  • v0.0.0.30 Released

    XBF has some spiffy new features headed your way. You know, why just stop at notifying you via the application of events happening with your friends list? How about selecting a list of gamertags that you'd like to be emailed when they are online? What about possibly sharing some of your friends list...
    Posted to XboxFriends (Weblog) by DualBrain on 07-12-2006
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